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Justin “J. Hook“


Captain Crusty


Captain Crusty has been working with us for 2 years! He recently moved here from Long Island, New York. He has been a boat captain for over 20 years! In his free time he enjoys fishing, skiing, and being out on the boat!


First Mate

Gypsea has been working with us for two years! Gypsea is a Pawleys Island local; she has eleven siblings, and loves everything outside.

If she can find a body of water we can guarantee you she’s swimming in it!



Jolly has been working with us for four years! She is currently a senior at College of Charleston majoring in early childhood education.

She enjoys spending her free time hanging out with her mates and wants to be a first grade teacher. Fun Fact about Jolly: She would like to be on the TV show Survivor!

Salty Shackle


I commandeered the Sea Gypsy from the North after escaping from the prison of the Crazy Syzter.  Now with Capt J Hook and arrgh crew, we will conquer the entire East Coast.

We established the Two Scalawags Trading Post near the Saloon of the Dead Dog and foreigners come from all parts to trade and barter.

Me winch Polly along with t’ little buccaneers, Musket Madison & Cutlass Cooper, complete my compass.



Bubbles has been working with us for 2 years! She is going into her junior year at the Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology studying entertainment technology. Bubbles enjoys hanging out with her mates.

When Bubbles isn’t bouncing around the ship, you’ll find her on a volleyball court. Bubbles may be one of the happiest pirates you’ll ever meet, but be careful because she’s not afraid to throw anyone overboard!