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Fireworks Cruise!

Where to Watch FIREWORKS in Myrtle Beach?


Fireworks in Murrells Inlet from the famous Marshwalk are an amazing family experience fun for all ages!  The fireworks demonstration begins at 10PM from the Murrells Inlet Veterans Pier located adjacent to the Wicked Tuna restaurant and Crazy Sister Marina.  Visit Murrells Inlet has two completely different and unique opportunities to watch the fireworks from onboard one of our USCG Inspected vessels.   The Explorer boat has seating capacity for up to 80 persons and sells individual tickets for a BYOB 2 hour excursion through the saltwater marsh estuary.  The covered catamaran travels through the navigational channels towards the Garden City Beach Point and Huntington Beach State Park jetties that lead to the Atlantic Ocean and then returns towards Marlin Quay Marina and Gulf Stream cafe to watch the fireworks from the middle of the inlet.  The Explorer boat has a bathroom and canteen onboard for sales for beer and wine and limited snacks.  The special fireworks trip is also bring your own beverage!   If you want to book a private charter and have the entire Sea Gypsy pirate ship to yourself and family for the fireworks extravaganza, don’t wait!  Book now to reserve your spots!

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